The Bros

Three bros originally from High Point, NC  on a mission to experience barbecue in all forms at any joint we can find. We’ll eat it, we’ll rate it, and we’ll rank it all for the common good.

(L-R) Speedy, Monk, and Rudy at Lexington Barbecue in Lexington, NC in July 2014

Monk is a graduate of NC State University and has lived in Charlotte since 2005. Monk married a fellow NC State grad in 2010 (where Speedy was the best man and Rudy was an usher in the wedding) and has two daughters. Besides barbecue, he enjoys film, music, TV, and sports including football, basketball, and soccer (choice Mrs. Monk quote: “Does it ever end?”).

Rudy is a graduate of the University of Miami (FL), and lives in Holland, MI with his wife and three young kids. While Rudy grew up enjoying pork barbecue in NC, he broadened his horizons in Texas, and learned to enjoy the splendor that is beef barbecue.

Speedy is a graduate of Wake Forest University who now resides in Nashville. He currently works as an accountant, where his company sends him all over the country to audit different clients (read: try different barbecue joints in random cities). He is an avid sports enthusiast and holds season tickets to both the Memphis Grizzlies (where he spends time for work) and the Bobcats Hornets. As of summer 2014 is no longer boycotting Wake Forest athletics. Speedy enjoys long walks on the beach, fast cars, and slow kisses.

(L-R) Monk, Rudy, and Speedy at The Salt Lick in Driftwood, TX in May 2012

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  1. I have enjoyed reading your page and encourage you to come to north Alabama to try our barbecue. We have some great places around Huntsville – Big Cove, Chuck Wagon, Lawlers, Hickory Barn and New Market, and I bet that you would like them as much as you like North Carolina and Texas BBQ.

  2. You guys should check out McCraw’s Barbecue. We were attending the Christmas festival in Huntersville, NC this past weekend 12/02/17 and happened to stroll by and smell what they had cooking. They are set up in the front yard of a beer house/garden Crafty Beer Guys. Absolutely the best Brisket I have tasted since I visited Texas about 3 years ago. We visited Meuller’s bbq while there outside of Austin in Taylor, TX. And since then have not found anything that tasted near the same. But, once we tasted the brisket we were quickly reminded of our experience at Mueller’s. It was delish and the smoked Turkey breast was so moist and tastyl! My husband had a half rack of ribs and was almost reluctant to share with me. The proprietor and his staff were very friendly and provided service like we were at a bbq at someone’s house. Their personalities made us feel very welcomed! The staff was telling us that this was their last weekend until they come back in February or March due to winter and so the staff could spend this time with their families during the holidays. We really hated to hear that! But, also understand their reasons. We look forward to their return and have started following them on facebook to be notified when this will be!

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