Buxton Hall Barbecue’s Closure is the Latest Blow for NC Whole Hog Barbecue

Monk: Buxton Hall Barbecue has officially announced that it will close on November 22nd, 8 years after bringing whole hog to Asheville. In my latest for The Smoke Sheet published last week, I recap the history of Buxton Hall Barbecue and what its closing means to the state of new school North Carolina whole hog barbecue.

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How Pitmaster Sam Jones Makes the Most Famous Whole Hog Barbecue in North Carolina

Monk: Sam Jones and his pitmaster Lindsay Bortle – who can cook a hog just as good as Sam, according to him – take Eater’s Smoke Point through the process at his Sam Jones BBQ restaurant in Raleigh.

Description: Carolina barbecue legend Sam Jones comes from a long legacy of cooking a whole hog, with his grandfather, father, and uncle all coming before him. At his no-frills restaurant, Sam Jones BBQ, he and his team preserve their tradition of cooking whole hog, chicken, turkey, and more.

Charlotte Quarterly News Roundup from July through August 2023

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7/14 – Noble Smoke makes Axios Charlotte’s 25 best restaurants in Charlotte right now at #25

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8/8 – The Runaway Charlotte Longhorn Bull saga began, which I recapped in a linkdown

8/10 – Meet Pit Boss Natasha of Firehawk Brewpub

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8/20 – New Charlotte-area barbecue joint Firehawk Brewpub does an explainer on their unique way of doing ribs

8/29 – Slash of Guns N’ Roses is the latest celebrity to stop by Midwood Smokehouse; here he is with pitmaster Matthew Berry


9/9 – Sweet Lew’s Barbeque announced they will be doing “Whole Hog Sundays” during NFL season

9/11 – We published our review of Firehawk Brewpub

9/12 – The Pitmaster Experience at Noble Smoke was announced as coming back

9/15 – The 92nd Annual Mallard Creek Barbecue was officially confirmed as on for 2023 but as drive-through only

The 64 Best North Carolina Barbecue Restaurants

Monk: Drew Jackson has done a great job covering barbecue the past few years for the News & Observer, and earlier this month came out with the 2023 edition of his list of the 64 best barbecue restaurants in the state.

Here are the links to the various stories around barbecue from early October, but be warned that they are behind a paywall once you hit a certain number of articles:

Description: Mention barbecue in North Carolina and the conversation quickly becomes divided on its definition and all depends on location, location, location. There’s a west and east BBQ divide. Drew Jackson with the News and Observer explains.