Biscuits Brisket & Beer is the Barbecue Option in High Point’s First Food Hall

Name: Biscuits Brisket & Beer
Date: 8/27/23
Address: 275 N Elm St, High Point, NC 27262
Order: Big Gull – 1/4 lb brisket, 1/4 lb turkey, 1 link beef sausage, 1 buttermilk biscuit, 1 biscuit topping (link to menu)
Pricing: $$

Monk: High Point has a food hall now. For those not in the know, a food hall is basically a fancy food court with food truck pricing but without the need to brave the elements while eating. Of the handful of current stalls at the Stock + Grain, Biscuits Brisket & Beer specializes in brisket, biscuits, and yep, you guessed it…beer (it’s not just a clever name).

Let’s start with the brisket. It was decently smoked with a nice bark on what is certainly a gasser smoker. The fat cap could have used a bit of trimming, and it also may not have been the freshest brisket.

But they do have other options – I tried turkey and sausage as part of the “Big Gull” platter. The turkey was tasty enough and not dried out. The sausage was almost certainly not made in house but was also decent. At this point, I would classify all of the meats as “fine but not outstanding.”

As for the biscuit, it was a little bit underwhelming considering its in the name. I would have not been surprised had it come out of a can, and fans of biscuits in High Point should stick with The Biscuit Factory or even Biscuitville. The fried green tomato was tasty enough but were fried from frozen along with a batch of french fries. However, when I put the fried green tomato inside of the biscuit, I wasn’t complaining.

As for the beer, this was on a Sunday morning meal so I didn’t try any but it looked like they had a good selection of local craft cans.

High Point has a few newer barbecue options between Biscuits Brisket & Beer and Sweet Old Bill’s as well as the superior Black Powder Smokehouse in nearby Jamestown. Brisket Biscuit & Beer is a decent option when you’re with a group who can’t decide what they want and go to a food hall, but it wouldn’t be the first option in town for my money.

Atmosphere/Ambiance – 3 hogs
Brisket – 2.5 hogs
Sides – 3 hogs
Overall – 2.5 hogs

Firehawk Brewpub is a worthy addition to the Charlotte Barbecue Scene

Name: Firehawk Brewpub
Date: 8/5/23
Address: 309 N Main St, Mt Holly, NC 28120
Order: Orders of pork, brisket, and ribs with slaw, collards, beans, collards, pickled deviled eggs (link to menu)
Pricing: $$

Monk: Earlier this year, Firehawk Brewpub exploded on to the local Charlotte barbecue scene with a lot of promise. Located in an old fire station near downtown Mount Holly just west of Charlotte, they announced themselves promising wood fired barbecue. After a late spring opening, it would not be but for a few months before I was able to make it out there for a meal after a morning at the US National Whitewater Center; the restaurant is a short 5-6 minute drive from the entrance to the center in downtown Mount Holly.

My first impressions of the location were great. In addition to true ‘cue barbecue, They’ve built out the restaurant to include both a front patio and a back deck but on this early August day it was much too hot for that. The property is a scenic setting off Dutchman’s Creek, an offshoot of the Catawba River. And did I mention Firehawk also brews their own beer?

There is no combo plate, so we ordered individual portions of pork, brisket, and ribs, each coming with sides of a mustard/mayo slaw and cornbread.

The 10 oz pork portion was coarsely shredded but was flavorful and smokey. As with a lot of places these days, they offer a variety of house-made sauces to try with the pork.

Similarly, the quarter-inch slices of brisket came out well-smoked but they could have perhaps used a little more trimming. Good flavor though.

Now, ribs are a place where Firehawk does something a bit different. They smoke a rack of baby-back ribs and then slice them individually, finishing them on an open flame grill to get more surface area of char. While individual ribs can have varying amounts of char, the flavor really did shine through. Apparently, they are the best seller since they opened, and I can see why.

In terms of appetizers, our group really liked the pickled deviled eggs. Along with the slaw and cornbread, we ordered beans and collards, both being above average. Next time I go back, I’m sure if I ordered any of their other sides I would be similarly impressed.

I’m already looking for my next excuse to head back out to Firehawk Brewpub. They are a worthy addition to the Charlotte barbecue scene, and for me is squarely in the top 3 best barbecue restaurants in the area. I can’t wait to bring more potential converts with me.

Atmosphere/Ambiance – 4 hogs
Pork – 4 hogs
Brisket – 4 hogs
Ribs – 4 hogs
Sides – 4.5 hogs
Overall – 4 hogs

The Most Exciting BBQ Joint in Texas is Egyptian

Monk: Bon Appétit’s On the Line video series stops by Austin, TX and KG BBQ. Pitmaster Kareem El-Ghayesh left a corporate career in finance to pursue Texas barbecue, but outside of the traditional central Texas brisket he incorporates his Egyptian heritage in the other proteins on the menu such as pomegranate glazed pork ribs, lamb bacon ribs, smoked lambchops, smoked kofta, and sumac and cinnamon rubbed lamb shoulder. His middle-eastern influence is also found in the sides like Mediterranean rice, baladi salad (a tomato, cucumber, and onion salad), and a pink buttermilk potato salad. His smoker is even named after King Tut.

Looks delicious, and Kareem seems like an affable guy.

Description: Bon Appétit brings you along for a day with Egyptian pitmaster Kareem El-Ghayesh at KG Barbecue in Austin—where Texas barbecue is being transformed by incorporating the bright flavors of the Middle East.

Linkdown: 8/29/23 – The Taylor Swift x Barbecue Festival Edition


Monk: Did you know that Taylor Swift played at the Lexington Barbecue Festival in 2006?

Here’s a brief Tik Tok about it:

There’s some very grainy pre-iPhone concert footage available on YouTube.

Here’s some audio of Swift’s song “Tim McGraw”:

Anywho – this year’s edition of the Lexington Barbecue festival will be in downtown Lexington on Saturday, October 28th. Chances that the next Taylor Swift will be playing there this year…?

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