Linkdown: 11/22/23 – The Happy Thanksgiving Edition


Monk: The Cuegrass festival, a mix of barbecue, bluegrass, and beer, is back next April in downtown Raleigh. It’s been a few years since I’ve been, but it looks like they’ve moved a few blocks away from in front of The Pit restaurant onto Fayetteville Street. Here were my thoughts from 2019:

Mark your calendars for April 20 for what is sure to be a fun time.

Native News

The Barbecue Festival has been nominated by NC Tripping for best annual festival

Non-Native News

John Tanner visits Franklin Barbecue

DC barbecue featured in Texas Monthly

Team applications are now open for Memphis in May

Texas Monthly with some helpful suggestions for leftover barbecue

The labor shortage hits Texas barbecue

Noted fan of barbecue Jon Favreau recently stopped in at Heritage Barbecue


Wayback Wednesday:

Bob Garner values authenticity and a sense of community in his barbecue joints

Monk: “NC Weekend” and host Deborah Holt Noel heads to the vault to revisit some of Bob Garner’s favorite barbecue joints. Right off the top, Bob states that he values authenticity and a sense of community, and over the years he’s found it at: Adam’s Roadside BBQ in Goldsboro, Hillsborough BBQ Company in Hillsborough, Ken’s Grill in LaGrange, Midwood Smokehouse in Raleigh, Wilber’s Barbecue in Goldsboro, and the now closed Steele Pig in Sanford. On another note, it’s nice to see Bob in seemingly better shape in current days.

Description: North Carolina Weekend visits popular barbecue spots around the state and shares a visit with BBQ expert Bob Garner.

Buxton Hall Barbecue’s Closure is the Latest Blow for NC Whole Hog Barbecue

Monk: Buxton Hall Barbecue has officially announced that it will close on November 22nd, 8 years after bringing whole hog to Asheville. In my latest for The Smoke Sheet published last week, I recap the history of Buxton Hall Barbecue and what its closing means to the state of new school North Carolina whole hog barbecue.

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Previously on Buxton Hall Barbecue here at Barbecue Bros:

How Pitmaster Sam Jones Makes the Most Famous Whole Hog Barbecue in North Carolina

Monk: Sam Jones and his pitmaster Lindsay Bortle – who can cook a hog just as good as Sam, according to him – take Eater’s Smoke Point through the process at his Sam Jones BBQ restaurant in Raleigh.

Description: Carolina barbecue legend Sam Jones comes from a long legacy of cooking a whole hog, with his grandfather, father, and uncle all coming before him. At his no-frills restaurant, Sam Jones BBQ, he and his team preserve their tradition of cooking whole hog, chicken, turkey, and more.