Friday Find: John Shelton Reed on the Kevin’s BBQ Joints Podcast

Monk: Late last year, John Shelton Reed spoke with Kevin from Kevin’s BBQ Joints for a second time, focusing on his latest book “On Barbecue” (which we reviewed here). Reed happens to be my favorite writer on the subject, so this is naturally a great conversation.

In this episode we talk primarily about his new book ‘On Barbecue’.
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This book is a collection of essays filled with stories, history, and deep love for North Carolina barbecue. ONE BIG thing from this book is the he likes the fact that BBQ is different from place to place.
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Friday Find: Brandon and Elizabeth Shepard of Shepard Barbecue on The NC F&B Podcast

Monk: From what I’m seeing on Instagram, Shepard’s Barbecue looks to serve destination-worthy barbecue on Emerald Isle. And based on this podcast with the NC F&B Podcast from last month, he seems to be a thoughtful guy about where he fits in the current barbecue landscape and how he might be able to affect some change for future barbecue entrepreneurs. And it sounds like they are finding success in Emerald Isle, with a move to a bigger space in the near future as of the recording of this conversation along with a new concept in their current, smaller space once they move out.

Description: Brandon Bnice Shepard has discovered his culinary identity and its lucky for the citizens of the Emerald Isle, NC! Despite the grind of making world class BBQ, Brandon partners with his wife Elizabeth to run the front of the house and they stay close to their little girl by bringing her to work to stoke the fire! 

Listen in to hear Brandon talk about what it means to him to connect with his cultural roots to make BBQ. Also, learn about some of Shepard’s culinary heroes like, Helen TurnerSteve Grady and more. It’s a tasty episode!

Friday Find: The Carolina Foodie at BBQ King

Monk: In case you missed it, The Carolina Foodie recently made a stop at Barbecue Bros favorite BBQ King in Lincolnton and sat down with friend of the blog Jordan Smith to taste pretty much the entire menu. Not just the barbecue but the burgers and the dogs and the onion rings (fun fact: they go through almost 2000 lbs of onions each week). As he puts it: “Great Food! Great People!” and I couldn’t agree more.