Friday Find: Why LeRoy & Lewis Is The Most Creative Barbecue in Austin

Eater’s Smoke Point profiles the innovative LeRoy & Lewis barbecue food truck in Austin – from smoked cauliflower to smoked burgers to “bacon ribs” to their signature beef cheek to “hop sausage” made with citra hops to a lot more. For more from Smoke Point, click here.

Description: At LeRoy & Lewis barbecue truck in Austin, chefs and owners Evan LeRoy and Sawyer Lewis use different cuts of meat to stand out among the many barbecue trucks in Texas. Think confit beef cheeks, smoky brisket burgers, salty bacon ribs, and even a number of vegetarian dishes, like smoked eggplant parm and cauliflower burnt ends.

Friday Find: Bob Garner Visits Sims Country Bar-B-Que

Monk: Bob Garner digs the scene at Sims Country Bar-B-Que, where hickory-smoked pork and chicken mingles with bluegrass music. But only on Friday and Saturday nights, with the live music starting at 7pm. Bluegrass legend Doc Watson has even played the shed over 20 times.

Description: Bob Garner heads to Granite Falls to check out the bluegrass and barbecue scene at Sims Country BBQ.

Granite Falls, NC