Friday Find: Barbecue Restaurant Data Infographic

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Linked in a linkdown a few weeks ago, but worth another look. There’s a fair amount of information about barbecue restaurants in this infographic created by CHD Expert, a food service marketing research company.


Did you know that there are more than 14,000 BBQ across the United States?

For anyone that’s a barbecue lover, it should come as no surprise that Independent restaurants dominate the Barbecue Menu Type, at 86% of the landscape. With protein maintaining it’s staple position in most American’s diet, you’ll want to know the stats on this Menu Type.


North Carolina
Pulled pork
Like Missouri’s barbecue ribs, pulled pork is cooked slowly on a grill. Like New Mexico’s carne adovada, pulled pork is fork-tender pork shoulder. Unlike either of those, North Carolina pulled pork is shredded by hand, doused with a vinegary sauce, and served with coleslaw. Pulled pork barbecue is an American treasure.

Now, I am aware that South Carolina also serves pulled pork. But South Carolina’s pulled pork is a mustard-based concoction, which pales in a side-by-side comparison with tangy, bracing North Carolina barbecue sauce.

You know I love a good barbecue/meat-themed map. Find the interactive version of the map on Slate.