Linkdown: 1/24/18

– Three Charlotte barbecue restaurants make this fries list, including The Improper Pig’s sweet potato waffle fries, Midwood Smokehouse’s pimento cheese fries, and Seoul Food Meat Co.’s kimchi fries


– Bob Garner’s latest for The Daily Reflector waxes poetic on The Angus Barn in Raleigh

– For these cold we’ve been experiencing the past few weeks, Midwood Smokehouse has seven new soups for the soul including the loaded baked potato with pulled pork and brisket and a brunswick stew

– Men’s site The Manual has a podcast on barbecue and booze

Finally, the conversation turns toward what the panel was all waiting for: booze pairings. Slaughter suggests (and the guys all agreed) the best booze pairing for barbecue is a definitely a whisk(e)y with a smokey, peaty flavor. Scotch is possibly the most appropriate since it calls back to the smokiness of the meat. The group also touches on wine pairings, emphasizing that a bolder, heavier, red wine is best, such as a Zinfandel or a Napa Cabernet.


– Bib’s Downtown in Winston-Salem contributed some comfort food recipes for the local Fox affiliate

– Keanu voice: Whoa.

Linkdown: 8/7/13

A Two Guns-style rundown of barbecue links…

– In “late to the party” news, the state of South Carolina tourism board is planning to market a barbecue trail

– An AP story on how to make a Lexington-style pulled pork sandwich complete with dip has been circulating various newspapers and websites lately, and funnily enough a Texas newspaper has picked it up

– In other Texas-North Carolina happenings, the pitmaster from Midwood Smokehouse in Charlotte recently made a trek to Texas to attend a barbecue camp at Texas A&M but I have it on good authority that the real reason behind it was to offer Johnny Football his autograph for money

– A new Food Network show about The Shed barbecue/blues joint in Mississippi (oddly enough, titled “The Shed”) premiered on Sunday night but is unfortunately one of those “heavily-scripted reality shows where everyone comes across as a bad actor”

– Speaking of which, Winston-Salem pitmaster Mark Little of “Bib’s Downtown” lost in a semifinal episode of “BBQ Pitmasters” that also aired this past Sunday

– Blue Mist Bar-B-Que has closed down in Asheboro; I’ve never been there and haven’t been to the zoo in 20 years but they cooked barbecue the right way and I’m sad I won’t get to go now

– Kansas City Chiefs nose tackle Dontari Poe has lost 15 pounds since quitting barbecue in June and the answer to your question is yes, it would millions of dollars in order for me to quit barbecue