Linkdown: 9/19/18

– Operation BBQ Relief has made its way to Wilmington and Fayetteville in the aftermath of Florence

– Sounds alright to me!

– The Takeout stumbles upon the fabled “short, fast-moving line at Franklin Barbecue phenomenon

– Midwood Smokehouse is a Charlotte restaurant that has expanded to the ‘burbs

– Chef Ford Fry picks three barbecue restaurants in Atlanta – Fox Bros BBQ, Das BBQ, and Community Q

– Catch replays of the first show of “TrueSouth” from John T. Edge and Wright Thompson all this week on SEC Network

– TrueSouth even brought up Rodney Scott last week to Bristol to treat ESPN to a pig pickin tailgate


Friday Find: Who Has the Right to Make Barbecue?

A must-listen: authors John T. Edge and Nicole Taylor join the NY Times’ Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris on their Still Processing podcast for more thoughtful discussions on barbecue and its cultural and historic implications.  Arrogant Swine gets a shout-out in each of the first two segments of the podcast before getting an eventual visit from the two hosts in the final segment.


Linkdown: 7/12/17

– The Indy Week: A North Carolina Barbecue Camp Misses the Point About America’s Most Politicized Food

– The latest in the Good Eatin’ series: Southern Smoke BBQ in Garland is open only twice a week and is the rare NC barbecue joint where you will wait in line

– Marie, Let’s Eat! visits three independently-owned locations of the Choo Choo Bar-B-Que chain around Chattanooga, with varying results

– The folks behind The Great NC BBQ Map are back at it again

Timber Creek Mulch in Sherrills Ford sells high quality wood lump charcoal across the country

“It’s a higher use for this wood – whether it’s being used for charcoal or firewood,” he said. “You can take something that’s in one state and transform it into something else with just a little bit of labor. It’s a useful product – the firewood keeps someone warm and makes them happy. That’s the key component – when you do something like art or charcoal that people are making good food with or even firewood that they’re heating their house with or burning in a fire pit outside – you can look at it and think somebody is enjoying that. I like that – I like making people happy.”

– An Atlanta-based private equity group is purchasing Jim ‘N Nick’s and its 37 restaurants in the southeast

– Has GQ never been to Hometown BBQ?

Friday Find: John T. Edge Visits The Winnow Podcast

Southern Foodways Alliance Director and author of the recently-released “The Potlikker Papers” John T. Edge recently stopped by The Winnow podcast to discuss all things southern food with Hannah Raskin and Robert Moss. There’s really only a passing mention of barbecue, but the 36+ minute podcast is worth it just to listen to one of southern food’s foremost minds opine on the past, the present, and the future of the cuisine.


Linkdown: 4/6/16

– Congrats to Red Bridges Barbecue Lodge on winning the Thrillist’s Barbecue Bracket!

– Grant makes us feel inadequate after visiting his 20th joint (out of 23) on the Historic NC Barbecue Trail

– Speaking of the NC BBQ Trail, it is included on this list of the Toronto Star’s spring roadtrips

– John T Edge is the latest to visit Sam Jones BBQ

Holy Smokes! The New Golden Age of Barbecue

In the latest edition of Parade Magazine Southern Foodways Alliance Director John T. Edge weighs on the current resurgence of barbecue cooked low and slow (aka the right way).

Welcome to the glory days of American barbecue. And not just in Texas. In Tennessee, in the Carolinas, out in California, and beyond, pitmasters like [Aaron] Franklin carry forward a style of cookery that predates our republic.

The feature also lists seventeen new “restaurant critics’ favorites barbecue joints” (although it curiously includes Bobbee-O’s in Charlotte), documents a day in the life of Aaron Franklin and Franklin’s Barbecue with some great photos, and answers some question/accusations about the cover’s similarity to TMBBQ’s top 50 issue.

And while the Parade article covers some of the history of barbecue, this Smithsonian Magazine blog on the evolution of barbecue is also worth reading.


Holy Smokes! The New Golden Age of Barbecue

John T Edge-Daniel Vaughn quote

You’re better than that, kind sir. Knowing you’re in the midst of a grand barbecue world tour, and knowing that you have had the chance to eat ’cue from the likes of Skylight Inn in Ayden, North Carolina, on that tour, I know you know better. Please tell me that your editors forced this untenable position on you and yours. In my experience, that’s where the problems usually start. With editors. Please tell me that’s so.

John T. Edge, from an open letter to Daniel Vaughn, Barbecue Editor of Texas Monthly on naming the Top 50 Barbecue Joints in Texas as the best in the world.

To which Daniel has responded by inviting John to a “thorough guided barbecue road trip” of Texas (which John has accepted), but not by really addressing his original query. To be fair, I guess it wasn’t likely that Vaughn would have walked back from his comments.