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– Congrats to @BBQSnob and fellow NC barbecue blogger @BBQJew for being named to Beef Magazine’s list of 10 great barbecue bloggers

La Barbecue has relocated to GoodLife Food Park as of today

– A couple more Austin barbecue notes in this “Food-o-File” column from the Austin Chronicle, including this tidbit on the Austin location of Black’s Barbecue

Speaking of barbecue, fourth-generation Lockhart pit boss Barrett Black says the family expects to have the new Black’s Barbecue (3110 Guadalupe) retail outlet open in August and is still on the lookout for the perfect parking spot for the Black’s food truck.

– A West Village outpost of Mighty Quinn’s had a soft opening this past weekend and officially opened on Monday night

– Speaking of Mighty Quinn’s, it is among the 8 Best Urban Barbecue Pits In New York City according to Food Republic

Review of Okie Dokie Smokehouse in Swannanoa from Asheville’s Citizen-Times

– Barbecue Rankings apparently found some great ‘cue at Salvage BBQ in Portland, Maine

– The Great NC BBQ Map is now officially on sale to the public at the newly redesigned site as well as several restaurants including Sauceman’s (below); they also got nice write ups by the Charlotte Observer and Salisbury Post as well

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– John T. Edge and Joe Kwon (cellist for The Avett Brothers and also raised in High Point like the Barbecue Bros), take in 15 of the Korean and Korean-inspired restaurants in northern Atlanta, including Heirloom Market Bar-B-Que (who we reviewed earlier this week)

– Texas BBQ Posse: More evidence that Lockhart has lost its barbecue magic

The Elements of Barbecue Sauce has this little tidbit from Chip Stamey, which is similar to my feelings on the matter:

“Everyone makes a big deal about ketchup,” he says “But it’s really a mild thing. [Our sauce has] black pepper, red pepper, a little bit of sugar, and that’s it.”

– Ugh, not another one of these lists again, compiled according to some random set of arbitrary criteria. In this case it is:

To determine which states are the most barbecue crazed in America we used five sets of data…

  1. Barbecue restaurants per capita (source: Yellow Pages)
  2. Facebook interest in barbecue (source: Facebook)
  3. Percentage of restaurants that are barbecue (source: Yellow Pages)
  4. Google searches for “barbecue” (source: Google Trends)
  5. Barbecue accessory stores and charcoal producers (Yellow Pages)


– Johnny Fugitt (aka barbecuerankings) gets interviewed by

Nationally, “there are also a number of famous or historic places that I wasn’t impressed with, so they’ll be left off the list. I’m going to make plenty of people mad!’ he said.

– Well this was a nice surprise:

– Did you know? Via The Great NC BBQ Map, who had their launch party this past Sunday. We’ll have some photos from the event on Friday


– Speaking of which, a sneak peek of the map which has begun shipping to Kickstarter backers

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– Yea, this list of best barbecue according to Open Table isn’t flawed at all. Because everyone knows the best barbecue comes from the places that take reservations.

– Carolina Ribs on the Run in Mooresville is blaming its closure on the construction of Brawley School Road, though I went the other week (review coming) and I would probably blame it on the subpar barbecue

– In other barbecue closure news, Asheville restaurant Sky City BBQ is closed until further notice after it’s owner was arrested under larceny and prostitution charges

– Johnny Ray Bousselot of Mount Holly has developed a couple of barbecue – Bourbon Peach and 10 Bones Signature – that has been picked up by a few outlets locally in Charlotte

– The Great NC BBQ Map takes a trip to the printers; maps ship next week

– Marie, Let’s Eat visits The Greater Good BBQ location in Buckhead

– Lexington #1 is featured on this slideshow of photos from BBQ Paradise 3, which aired last night at 9

– The “Smokin’ in the Valley” Festival is this weekend in Maggie Valley

– A fairly long read, entitled How Barbecue Has Become New York City’s Most Addictive Smoking Habit, yields this infographic


– According to Sam Jones, the “not so popular side of BBQ”

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 – This month’s featured barbecue photographer on TMBBQ is Denny Culbert from Lafayette, Louisiana, who has some great photos from his Barbecue Bus project featuring Stamey’s, Scott’s, Skylight Inn, and more NC joints

Here’s what TMBBQ had to say about the new Texas/Carolina barbecue joint Curly’s Carolina, TX 

A big vertical smoker uses pecan for the pork shoulders and ribs. It’s all cooked with wood, but there are no coals. We love our smokers here in Texas, but in the Carolinas the pork shoulders and whole hogs are cooked directly over hickory coals. It creates a flavor similar to the Texas Hill Country style of cooking, but doesn’t taste much like slow smoked pork. I questioned Jay and John about this and Jay hoped to have a direct-heat cooker operational soon and even hinted that whole hogs could be on the horizon. Until then, the meat won’t have much Carolina flavor until you squeeze on the vinegar sauce.

– Although this article has a somewhat unfortunate title – “Private school students start barbecue business” – it’s a cool story about high school kids in Thomasville (just outside the Barbecue Bros hometown of High Point) starting their own barbecue business; check out more on Butch Cassidy Barbecue here (via)

– Fervent Foodie has a review on Elwood’s Barbecue & Burger Bar in Ballantyne

– Ever wonder what it’s like to cook a whole hog with Rodney Scott? Well this gives you a better idea:

It’s nine p.m. at Charles Towne Landing, a six-hundred-acre park just outside of Charleston, South Carolina, and Steven Green is holding a blowtorch to an opening in a repurposed oil drum that is filled to the top with damp pieces of oak. Flecks of rain fall across two cleaned, beheaded, and butterflied pigs sitting on a sheet-metal barbecue pit nearby. Tomorrow, the pigs will feed hundreds of Garden & Gun readers who are in town for the first Jubileefestival. Right now, Green and his boss, pit master Rodney Scott, are just trying to get the fire going.

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Our State Magazine has been profiling a NC barbecue restaurant a month and this month they turn their attention to Midwood Smokehouse, currently #1 on the Barbecue Bros Charlotte big board

Frank Scibelli just comes right out and says it: If you want good barbecue in Charlotte, you don’t have a lot of options.

But Charlotte is growing, you say. There are more cooks cooking more food, and more varieties of it, than ever before.

“Still not good barbecue,” he says.

Maybe it’s got to do with the smoker. You have to have a smoker, he says. Not many barbecue places in Charlotte have one. He does. He mentions it over and over again. He asks if I’ve seen inside it, where at least one piece of hickory is burning 24 hours a day. He makes sure I know the only thing that powers his smoker is wood.

The final report on the unfortunate Sandy Plains Baptist Church salmonella outbreak in Shelby in September confirms it was salmonella

– A look inside last weekend’s Garden and Gun Jubilee Made in the South Weekend, in which Rodney Scott had a pig roast on Sunday that had to have been amazing

– Old Carolina Barbecue set to open in Cleveland and appears to be trying to do it the right way

Before entering the business, Schafer toured the Carolinas and visited dozens of eateries to ensure his menu would be as genuine as possible.

“We didn’t invent barbecue, we just wanted to do it right,” he said. “There’s authenticity behind the recipes.”

Key to the barbecued items are large on-site smokers.

– For the uninitiated, a great primer on NC Barbecue (mostly eastern) from a man who clearly knows what he is talking about, Bob Garner (via, tambien en espanol)

– Finally, yet another plug to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter

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Kind of a light week in barbecue news…

– Sign the True ‘Cue Pledge today

– The pit shed at Scott’s Bar-B-Que was damaged early last week but should be rebuilt soon, according to Rodney Scott (via)

– Here’s a recipe for brunswick stew from Poplar Tent Presbyterian Church in Concord, NC that includes rice as opposed to potatoes

– 3 suspects sought in a Currituck County barbecue restaurant robbery

NYC’s new barbecue pits includes Mighty Quinn’s; also, meet the pitmasters from those barbecue joints

To placate his wife’s North Carolina family, he [Hugh Mangum] fused that style with Texas to arrive at “Texalina” — but what has emerged is uniquely NYC.

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Happy Thanksgiving from the Barbecue Bros!

– Great name for a NC BBQ joint in Hong Kong – yes, that Hong Kong (h/t rlreevesjr)

– A nice little article from The Elon newspaper entitled “The BBQ State: Unique origins of barbecue define North Carolina history, culture” which also includes a neat interactive timeline

A nice infographic on the 4 types of barbecue sauce (via)

– The BBQ Jew has some thoughts about City Barbeque coming to Cary

– The Pit Durham opened yesterday and will be open on Thanksgiving

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So pumped to attend tonight’s Southern Supper at Midwood Smokehouse with guest pitmaster Sam Jones

– Some write ups on the event from Creative Loafing and Charlotte Magazine

Jones and Barry plan to engineer a 3-course “throwback” barbecue dinner which will include local brews and beers from NoDa Brewing Company, southern hors d’oeuvres of pimiento cheese and smoke jalapeno dip, house salad, the whole hog (of course), old-fashioned warm apple cobbler with cinnamon ice cream, and other sides (hush puppies, collard greens, mac&cheese, etc.).

– In somewhat hilarious news considering the reputation of Cary (aka Concentrated Area of Relocated Yankees), the Ohio barbecue chain City Barbeque is opening a location there (via)

– Engineering consulting firm WK Dickson has turned the site of the former Melton’s Barbecue in Rocky Mount into a park, fittingly named Barbecue Park   

Why was the BBQ sandwich not named NC’s best sandwich? Instead, picked the Carolina burger

– More deets on True ‘Cue courtesy of TMBBQ; also they have started to add content to the official site seeks to educate people about real barbecue—meat slow-cooked over wood or charcoal alone, without the assistance of gas, electricity or any other heat source—by certifying and promoting businesses that produce it.  Why do we care?  Because real barbecue is rooted in taste, tradition and a sense of place, three things increasingly lacking in today’s world.  We think the world will be a better place when there is more real barbecue in it.

– Speaking of cooking real barbecue over wood, The Pit Durham opens next Tuesday

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A very happy birthday to Mrs. Monk!

– Clyde Cooper’s celebrates 75 years

“Yes, Even Texas Barbecue Needs Sauce” (via)

– BBQ Snob’s impressive BBQ Google Map

– A new Carolina and Texas style barbecue joint called Curly’s Carolina, TX is opening up in Round Rock, TX (via)

– A story about Tuffy Stone’s recent win at the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue contest; in related news, Speedy stopped by a Q Barbeque in Richmond last weekend and was a big fan (review forthcoming) (via)

More details on True ‘Cue, aiming for a 2014 launch

Linkdown: 11/6/13

– Looking forward to seeing more from True ‘Cue, a new project from the BBQ Jew and John Shelton Reed campaigning for “real barbecue”

– Speaking of “real barbecue,” Buxton Hill, a concept by Chef Elliott Moss and Rodney Scott of Scott’s Bar-B-Que bringing whole hog barbecue to Asheville, is now a no-go although Moss is working on the same concept with a different name and location

– The confederate flags that used to fly over Maurice’s have quietly come down over the past year (via)

– Thanks to Speedy’s coworker, who pointed out that this month’s Our State magazine has a nice profile on Jack Cobb & Son Barbecue, though as we know Speedy wasn’t a huge fan of the place

– The Barbecue Bros are so in on this event later this month