Holy Smoke quote

Barbecue in these parts is ever so much more than just the meat; it’s also the preparation, the ritual, the social occasion, the fellowship, the anticipation, the realization, the memory.

John Egerton, taken from Holy Smoke: The Big Book of North Carolina Barbecue by John Shelton Reed and Dale Volberg Reed

I finished this recently and highly recommend it if you want to know about the history of barbecue in North Carolina or the difference between eastern and Lexington style barbecue or read testimonials from some of the most revered pit masters in the state or all of the above. If we gave whole hog reviews to books, I would give it 5 whole hogs. Great book.


Daniel Vaughn NC recommendation

Daniel Vaughn, author of the forthcoming book The Prophets of Smoked Meat and from the Austin episode of “No Reservations” fame is coming to North and South Carolina in April and is looking for “can’t miss joints.” And by the looks of it like he is taking suggestions seriously. I focused on joints in the western part of the state but feel free to let him know on Twitter if you have any suggestions of your own (his original question was confirming that Skylight Inn would be open).