Reader Question: Other NC joints that smoke inside the restaurant?

From our NC Historic BBQ Trail post, we got the following reader question recently:

My husband is trying to find a BBQ place that smokes their meat in the center of the restaurant, like The Salt Lick in Texas. Have you found any in NC?

From my own personal experience, I know both Old Hickory House in Charlotte and Hillbilly’s BBQ & Steaks in Lowell have their smokers just off the dining room inside, but I’m sure there are several others around North Carolina of which I am not aware, particularly in the eastern part of the state in which I have much less experience.

So my question is to you, dear readers: what other North Carolina barbecue joints smoke their barbecue inside the restaurant?


Hillybilly’s BBQ & Steaks – Lowell, NC


Hillybilly’s BBQ & Steaks – Lowell, NC


Was North Carolina’s First Barbecue Restaurant in Charlotte (and Not Lexington)?

This blog post may be from 2012, but as it turns out the first barbecue stand/restaurant may have been here in Charlotte a good two decades before the Lexington stands set up shop outside the courthouse. According to Google Street View, 13 South Church Street is the corner of Church and W. Trade, possibly where King’s Kitchen is currently located.

While Charlotte may not have the best reputation for barbecue (the blog post above mentions both Shelby and Lexington as better destinations for barbecue that aren’t too far away), it’s kind of cool to learn that the city does have some history.


Was North Carolina’s First Barbecue Restaurant in Charlotte (and Not Lexington)?