Friday Find: Barbecue Trailer and Movie Poster

Barbecue, a documentary about the art and craft of barbecue, is premiering at this year’s SXSW in Austin (which makes a lot of sense). Earlier this week, IndieWire premiered the teaser trailer as well as the move poster art on its site.

The new documentary explores barbecue as far more than a tasty way to cook up some grub, but as a ritual that binds together whole communities and often serves as a common touchstone between cultures. Salleh’s film was captured in cinematic 4k, shot across twelve countries and comes complete with a rich orchestral score. That mouth-watering desire to chow down? That’s just a lovely side effect of a full meal of a doc.

Check out the poster art below:

Friday Find: Eat Meat Repeat, A Meat Week Movie

Meat Week was in late January, but here is a trailer for a documentary about the event, filmed around its 10th anniversary last year.

For the 10th Anniversary of Meat Week, we hit the road, stopping at 8 different cities during the 8 nights.

We took our cameraman friend along and captured the journey, in a van, across 15 states, through ice, snow, sleep depravation, and meat sweats.

A big part of our journey was finally meeting the people who celebrate Meat Week in other cities, and seeing how they put their own stamp on the holiday. We’ve been sharing meat with them via internet for years, so it was amazing to finally eat BBQ together in person.

We’re working on a documentary about this journey and the 10 years of Meat Week leading up to it, specifically how a small group of friends gathering over BBQ turned into a nation-wide community.

If this seems like something you’d like to see, or if you think this is a terrible idea, click one of the buttons above to let us know!