Charlotte Barbecue Joint Leaderboard – July 2013


You may or may not have noticed this, but we’ve been ranking our Charlotte area joints as we’ve been reviewing them. This won’t necessarily be a monthly feature or anything but we’ll check in periodically when it makes sense or there is a big shakeup.

  1. Midwood Smokehouse
  2. Queen City Q
  3. Sauceman’s
  4. Bill Spoon’s Barbecue
  5. Smoke & Go Bar-B-Que (Food Truck)
  6. Rock Store Bar-B-Q (Stallings) 
  7. Rock Store Bar-B-Q (Mint Hill)
  8. Mac’s Speed Shop
  9. Moe’s Original Bar-B-Que
  10. Bobbee-O’s BBQ
  11. City Smoke

Still to review: Bubba’s BBQ, Farmer’s, Ole Hickory House, The Que Stand, Sage Garden BBQ, Kyle Fletcher’s, Bar-B-Q King, Elwood’s BBQ Burger Bar, Lancaster’s BBQ, McKoy’s Smokehouse

What other Charlotte area joints should we check out? Feel free to weigh in on your favorite in the comments and if you present a strong enough case we will head there next.


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