Rebuild of Scott’s Bar-b-que Pits Underway!


Rodney Scott has been in meetings with Reggie Gibson and Will Wingfield of Reggie Gibson Architects in Charleston to discuss the rebuild of Rodney’s pit room lost to fire in November.  

The fundraising totals are in and plans are underway. The Fatback Collective’s collaborative efforts with Rodney took in an approximate total of $81,000 and monies raised will set the project in motion. 

A member of the Fatback Collective, Rodney Scott is excited to make sure the Fatback Fund has good footing and is therefore putting a portion of what was raised back into the fund as seed money for the next project.

“The Fatback Collective was my primary partner in this rebuild.  Now I want to honor their investment in me. I’ve made the decision to invest $20,000 of the yield from the Tour into the Fatback Fund to aid future efforts. This is my way of investing in the future of food in the South and a new generation of possibilities in Hemingway and throughout the region.”

-Rodney Scott




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