CHARLOTTE EATS: Old Hickory House

In light of the recent fire at Old Hickory House, linking this old blog post from Charlotte Eats, who calls it a “Hall of Fame Eatery.”

One of the best places to get Lexington-style barbecue in Charlotte is the legendary Old Hickory House. The Old Hickory House (originally just called “The Hickory House”) has been run by the Carter family since its inception in 1957. It was originally located on Thrift Rd (near the intersection of Freedom Dr and Morehead St). In 1972, the restaurant was moved to its current location near UNCC. Very little has changed over the years—the dining room still sports the Consetoga wagon lamps over each booth, the wood saws and longhorn-bull horns still adorn the walls, and the famous wood fire pit (that’s part of the dining room) still cooks the meats. Even the turquoise dining room chairs are original.

I disagree with their Lexington-style categorization of the barbecue at Old Hickory House but the history is interesting nonetheless.

There has been no update as far as I can find and as of last week when I drove by, the door still has a sign saying it is closed as of 2/24/14. In any case, hopefully this won’t be the end of Old HIckory House in Charlotte.


CHARLOTTE EATS: Old Hickory House

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