The Best Barbecue in North Carolina and Beyond with the Barbecue Bros!


Straight out of North Carolina, the Barbecue Bros are experts in this delicious pork concoction, bringing you some amazing reviews and recommendations on where to find the best BBQ. Monk, Rudy, and Speedy are the masterminds behind this one-of-a-kind blog, all three having extensive experience and knowledge in all things barbecue. Hailing from High Point, NC, and having attended high school together, the bros are actually now living in different places themselves (Monk and Speedy in Charlotte, Rudy in Austin, TX). However, their love for all things barbecue kept the trio together, and now they actually use this geographically diverse setting as a way to spread even more barbecue goodness on the site. As much as they love the delicious pork dish, the bros were getting frustrated with all of the unsatisfactory reviews they found of BBQ joints around their area, and decided to finally take matters into their own hands, thus creating the Barbecue Bros blog. Here, you can find fantastic reviews, recommendations, tips, and more on all things barbecue, both in North Carolina and beyond. You can start by clicking on the Charlotte Rankings tab, which gives you a hefty list of the top spots for BBQ in and around Charlotte; each review complete with great, insightful information as well as some mouth-watering photographs.  Otherwise, you can click on the Map of Joints to take a look at all the places that these boys have covered across the country. Another cool category is The North Carolina Historic Barbecue Trail, which gives you a list of all the historic BBQ places in the state, all of which the bros are attempting to have eaten at by the end of 2014. Be sure you check out this wonderful site, especially if you love barbeque too!

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The Best Barbecue in North Carolina and Beyond with the Barbecue Bros!

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