Linkdown: 9/23/15

– Rodney Scott has influenced Sean Brock. Here’s how:

– The history of smoking with mesquite wood

– Marie, Let’s Eat! makes a quick sojourn to SC and visits Hite’s and Little Pigs in the Columbia area, as well as Dennis’ Bar-B-Q on the way back home

– Washington Post’s glossary of NC barbecue terms and where to eat in NC

– Washington Post’s Jim Shahin: Why North Carolina’s Barbecue Scene is Still Smoldering

North Carolina barbecue is certainly at a crossroads, one that gets to the heart of questions about identity and authenticity, and the survival of pit-smoked pork establishments that eschew the everything-for-everybody approach once seemed unlikely. But Skylight Inn and Lexington Barbecue are on track to maybe prove that prediction wrong. And new places such as Picnic and Buxton Hall are helping spark a resurgence in creativity and respect for heritage that may help revive the scene. North Carolina barbecue might someday be removed from the endangered-species list, after all. I’ll hold off on that autopsy for now.

One thought on “Linkdown: 9/23/15

  1. I ordered the ribs, slaw, fries and an iced tea at Sam Jones in Winterville, NC. Two of the ribs were meaty and tender, but the rest were scarce on meat and over-cooked to the point of being dried out and tough to eat. The slaw was OK, but too sweet for my taste and served in a little cardboard box. The fries looked as though they were left in the pan too long and went limp and wrinkled up. That platter was $14.00. My wife ordered the chicken with slaw and macaroni and cheese for $10.00. She got a small thigh with leg attached. The mac and cheese was very small. The food was not good and too expensive. I won’t be eating there again.

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