Best of Charlotte Barbecue: Sausage

We initially started this blog in order to find the best barbecue restaurant in Charlotte. While we feel pretty comfortable with our current rankings on the big board having visited 40+ restaurants, what more logical next step than to explore the best meats and dishes in the greater Charlotte area? Click here to find the other posts.

I’m confident that nothing in Charlotte will compare to the house made sausages you would find  in central Texas, but here’s our list. Midwood Smokehouse would be the closest you would find to that style of sausage, and Boone’s and Queen City Q both actually finish their sausages on the grill (which should be no surprise since Boone helped start Queen City Q). I would posit that sausages would be the area for most improvement in Charlotte, lagging behind pork (obviously) and even brisket.

  1. Boone’s Bar-B-Que Kitchen
  2. Queen City Q
  3. Midwood Smokehouse (Original location; Ballantyne location)

What do you think? Have we missed the mark? Leave your comments below.

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