Linkdown: 1/8/13

First linkdown of the new year!

– Friend of the blog Sarah Crosland picks the best bbq stops in Charlotte for Virgin Airways’ blog though the Barbecue Bros have quibbles with: 1) at least one of the picks 2) the fact that we were not consulted 🙁

– The BBQ Jew took in the recently opened Durham location of The Pit last month and had good things to report

– The Barbecue Festival in Lexington makes this list of best barbecue competitions in the US (via)

A review of Curly’s Carolina, TX Barbecue, a Carolina-Texas barbecue joint in Round Rock, TX

– A small update from True ‘Cue’s Facebook page:

We will be rolling out restaurant certifications and a revamped website early in 2014.

– Some photos from the first stop of the Rodney Scott In Exile Tour from Charleston last month

– Finally, Crook’s Corner in Chapel Hill plans to offer barbecue from the restaurant featured each month in Our State Magazine in an event called “Carolina ‘Cue;” up first is Stephenson’s from Willow Springs tomorrow at 6pm, and Bob Garner will be there signing copies of ““Book of Barbecue: North Carolina’s Favorite Food”

Linkdown: 12/18/13

 – This month’s featured barbecue photographer on TMBBQ is Denny Culbert from Lafayette, Louisiana, who has some great photos from his Barbecue Bus project featuring Stamey’s, Scott’s, Skylight Inn, and more NC joints

Here’s what TMBBQ had to say about the new Texas/Carolina barbecue joint Curly’s Carolina, TX 

A big vertical smoker uses pecan for the pork shoulders and ribs. It’s all cooked with wood, but there are no coals. We love our smokers here in Texas, but in the Carolinas the pork shoulders and whole hogs are cooked directly over hickory coals. It creates a flavor similar to the Texas Hill Country style of cooking, but doesn’t taste much like slow smoked pork. I questioned Jay and John about this and Jay hoped to have a direct-heat cooker operational soon and even hinted that whole hogs could be on the horizon. Until then, the meat won’t have much Carolina flavor until you squeeze on the vinegar sauce.

– Although this article has a somewhat unfortunate title – “Private school students start barbecue business” – it’s a cool story about high school kids in Thomasville (just outside the Barbecue Bros hometown of High Point) starting their own barbecue business; check out more on Butch Cassidy Barbecue here (via)

– Fervent Foodie has a review on Elwood’s Barbecue & Burger Bar in Ballantyne

– Ever wonder what it’s like to cook a whole hog with Rodney Scott? Well this gives you a better idea:

It’s nine p.m. at Charles Towne Landing, a six-hundred-acre park just outside of Charleston, South Carolina, and Steven Green is holding a blowtorch to an opening in a repurposed oil drum that is filled to the top with damp pieces of oak. Flecks of rain fall across two cleaned, beheaded, and butterflied pigs sitting on a sheet-metal barbecue pit nearby. Tomorrow, the pigs will feed hundreds of Garden & Gun readers who are in town for the first Jubileefestival. Right now, Green and his boss, pit master Rodney Scott, are just trying to get the fire going.

Linkdown: 11/13/13

A very happy birthday to Mrs. Monk!

– Clyde Cooper’s celebrates 75 years

“Yes, Even Texas Barbecue Needs Sauce” (via)

– BBQ Snob’s impressive BBQ Google Map

– A new Carolina and Texas style barbecue joint called Curly’s Carolina, TX is opening up in Round Rock, TX (via)

– A story about Tuffy Stone’s recent win at the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue contest; in related news, Speedy stopped by a Q Barbeque in Richmond last weekend and was a big fan (review forthcoming) (via)

More details on True ‘Cue, aiming for a 2014 launch