Linkdown: 8/19/20

Can’t wait for “Chef’s Table: BBQ,” which debuts 9/2 on Netflix

Speaking of Rodney Scott, the man isn’t afraid to use MSG in his rubs

Trips to Grady’s and Skylight Inn wrap up a pretty epic eastern NC barbecue tour by John Tanner

Kevin’s BBQ Joints has rounded up his interviews with California barbecue joints into one post

A beginner’s guide to smoking from Serious Eats

Where Lewis Donald of Sweet Lew’s BBQ eats around Charlotte

TMBBQ has the history of Prause’s Meat Market

Kingsford is opening $5,000 tabs at barbecue restaurants across the US over the next month

Linkdown: 8/12/20

RIP to a Texas legend, Prause’s Market

Bobbee O’s BBQ is “the best barbecue in North Charlotte, and some of the best barbecue in the area period” according to Unpretentious Palate, which I happen to disagree with quite a bit (paywall)

Pretty cool: Buxton Hall Barbecue in Lego form

Charleston Wine + Food has been cancelled for 2021

A “Ken” was spotted at Bonfire BBQ in Asheville; the man was a Grubhub driver who refused to put on a mask when picking up food and has since been terminated from the food delivery service

Ms. Helen, as presented by Robert Jacob Lerma

This guy gets it

Don’t sleep! Now just 4 more weekends in the NC Pork Council’s #SummerofCue