Friday Find: The BBQ State of the Union on BBQ Beat

Ryan (BBQ Tourist) and Sean (NYC BBQ) from The Smoke Sheet recently joined The BBQ Beat hosted by Kevin Sandridge to discuss the current state of barbecue during the pandemic, from when festivals may actually happen again to the meat shortage to more folks grilling or smoking at home while they are sheltering in place. This was my first exposure to BBQ Beat but looks to be a live show/video podcast worth checking out again in the future.

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“American Barbecue Styles Explained in Two Minutes” from Eater

This video and its accompanying post is part of Eater’s Five Days of Meat coverage and actually does a pretty decent job explaining the major barbecue styles compared to other attempts I’ve seen – particularly, they get the difference between eastern (whole hog and vinegar sauce) and Lexington (shoulders and tomato/vinegar sauce served with slaw and hush puppies) right. Or maybe the narrator just seems smarter because of his British accent.