Holy Smokes! The New Golden Age of Barbecue

In the latest edition of Parade Magazine Southern Foodways Alliance Director John T. Edge weighs on the current resurgence of barbecue cooked low and slow (aka the right way).

Welcome to the glory days of American barbecue. And not just in Texas. In Tennessee, in the Carolinas, out in California, and beyond, pitmasters like [Aaron] Franklin carry forward a style of cookery that predates our republic.

The feature also lists seventeen new “restaurant critics’ favorites barbecue joints” (although it curiously includes Bobbee-O’s in Charlotte), documents a day in the life of Aaron Franklin and Franklin’s Barbecue with some great photos, and answers some question/accusations about the cover’s similarity to TMBBQ’s top 50 issue.

And while the Parade article covers some of the history of barbecue, this Smithsonian Magazine blog on the evolution of barbecue is also worth reading.


Holy Smokes! The New Golden Age of Barbecue


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