5 thoughts on “Casey’s Bar-B-Q

  1. I used to live on Fairway Drive when I was a kid and we always got our BBQ from Casey’s. They used to have a cancelled check in the window from Andy Griffith for the princely sum (1958 dollars) of $5000.00! The story goes that he had a cast party for the show and wanted people to know what North Carolina BBQ was all about! When they closed we started going to Stamey’s with a once a year stop at Rehobeth Methodist Church’s fund raiser BBQ supper!

  2. They made their best sales at Grimsley High School lunch hour when they were bum rushed for “Whiz” burgers if truth be known. They had them stacked up the back wall grill in wax paper and ran it like the counter at Yum Yum Ice Cream. Total controlled chaos. Everything added up to even numbers so you could throw cash at them in quarters, dimes or nickels with your wadded up dollar bills. It was great. Cheap beef (maybe?) dripping in warm gooey cheese whiz. Big styrofoam cup of sweet tea or coke with crushed ice. Sounded like Piedmont Drag Strip with all the muscle cars ,Thrush mufflers and burnouts getting back over to Aycock. It was half a block up from Hams and across the street from Sunset Drugs that had real lemonade and orangeade at their counter service. we only bought the BBQ sandwich when we had more money!

  3. They were RIGHT! The Casey brothers had the Best NC BBQ in the world. Used to go there from Grimsley for lunch. They had spotless, big stainless-covered smokers behind the counter – What a wonderful smell when they opened the smokers to check the meat. My favorite was sliced pork sandwich with slaw and plenty of their sauce made of vinegar, red pepper flakes, and pork juices. Pulled pork rates about a zero on my flavor scale.

    Sadly the owners aged-out in the mid 1960s and closed, as I recall. Stamey’s was good, but not “the best in the world”. Clyde Coopers (still in business) in Raleigh was close. The other top food on Greensboro was The Boar and Castle drive-in’s steak sandwiches with Castle Sauce.

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