Linkdown: 1/15/13

– The town of Hillsborough to end Hog Day after 31 years

– Report says smoking ban has not financially affected business, including barbecue restaurants

Michael Conrad, co-owner of The Barbecue Center, said the restaurant opted to go smoke free prior to the law being enforced. He said although there was some complaints in the beginning, in the end it has improved the atmosphere of the restaurant.

“We can breathe a little better,” Conrad said. “We did lose a few customers who didn’t want to go outside or wanted to smoke after they ate, but on the whole we were getting more compliments than complaints.”

– True ‘Cue gets a write-up in the Charlotte Observer

– A slightly different kind of guide to Austin barbecue

More information on Crook’s Corner’s weekly barbecue dinner Carolina ‘Cue

– SC competition team Up in Smoke is hosting a whole hog class this Saturday in McConnells (about 50 minutes from Charlotte)

– This past Sunday, Midwood Smokehouse welcomed folks from Ribs ‘n’ Bibs, an “American Smokehouse” in Lincoln, England

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