Press: Interview with the Barbecue Bros by Locally Crafted

Locally Crafted

We did it! We tricked someone into thinking enough of the Barbecue Bros to refer to us as “experts”! Take a read and let us know what you think in the comments. Thanks to the folks from Locally Crafted.

It seems like everyone knows someone who is obsessed with grilling and barbecue – or maybe you are that person. There is no denying that since our caveman days, humans have been fascinated by the delicate interplay between meat and fire. Perhaps most fascinated of all are three lifelong friends from High Point, North Carolina – Tommy, Kenny, and Mark, known as the “Barbecue Bros” – whose love for the cuisine runs so deep that they curate a barbecue blog together. Although Mark has moved to Austin, Texas, the Bros manage to collaborate long-distance to review as many barbecue establishments as they can. We sat down with the Bros to find out how various barbecue scenes compare and learned more than we ever thought possible.  Let’s dig in!


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