Home Team BBQ – Sullivan’s Island, SC

: Home Team BBQ
Date: 4/18/14
Address: 2209 Middle Street, Sullivan’s Island, SC
Order: 2 meat combo (brisket and ribs), brunswick stew, fries (link to menu)
Price: $15

Speedy: Previously, I had checked out Home Team BBQ on a trip to Charleston but I left feeling a little disappointed. I stated that I probably wouldn’t be going back, opting to try other joints instead. Well, I lied. The proximity of the Sullivan’s Island location led me and a group of college friends there for lunch after a late Friday night. So here I ended up.

The atmosphere is fairly similar to the West Ashley location – a bit dark, with more of a bar feel than restaurant. They have a nicely stocked bar and an excellent beer selection. Unlike West Ashley, the Sullivan’s Island location has a wait staff, and we quickly ordered our meals. From my last visit, the ribs were my favorite part of the meal, so that was a no brainer for the order. I had recently sworn off eating brisket in NC, but since I was in the lesser Carolina, I figured I’d give that a go as well.

Monk: Apologies to our South Carolina readers…

Speedy: The ribs were as I remembered – nicely smoked and flavorful, but not quite as tender as I like. I did add a little spicy sauce, which was good as well, but I prefer them dry overall. I stand by the ribs being the best meat at the restaurant.

Unfortunately, I’m probably done with SC brisket now as well. The slices I presented were, by far, the thickest brisket slices I’ve ever had. It was from the point of the brisket and was just way, way too fatty. There was some decent bark, which was nice, but it just was not an enjoyable piece of meat to eat. A mixture of fatty and lean (I wasn’t asked) might’ve solved this, but overall, I was disappointed.

Monk: So would thinner slices have been better? Or was it just not a good cut of meat?

Speedy: Hard to say. I think thinner slices would’ve helped because there wouldn’t have been such large chunks of fat. But it very well could’ve just been an extra fatty brisket.

The brunswick stew was good, and something I don’t recall seeing on my previous trip, so that was pretty big time in terms of side choices. I enjoyed all my sides last time, so I’m assuming the ones I didn’t repeat are still equally good.

Overall, my impression of Home Team BBQ did not change. It’s an enjoyable experience, but the ‘cue is not the main reason to go.

For what it’s worth, my college friends who were there (from Chicago, Philly, DC, and Denver) all loved it, so I might be a harsh critic but such is life as a Barbecue Bro.

Atmosphere – 4 hogs
Ribs – 3 hogs
Brisket – 2 hogs
Sides – 4.5 hogs
Overall – 2.5 hogs
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  1. See, you fellows just need to head to Georgia for an Atlanta brisket tour, and restore your faith in really good beef.

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