Brisket Tacos at Buc-ee’s – Adairsville, GA

Name: Buc-ee’s
Date: 6/12/22
Address: 601 Union Grove Rd SE, Adairsville, GA 30103
Order: Brisket taco and brisket egg taco
Pricing: $$

Monk: The cult favorite gas station/mega convenience store Buc-ee’s has been on my list of places to visit for some time now. Over Spring Break we just missed the opening of their first store in the Carolinas off I-95 near Florence, SC, and the closest locations of the Texas-based chain otherwise are in Georgia or Florida. Thankfully, gymnastics travels for the oldest Monkette put me unexpectedly in the path of an operational Buc-ee’s off I-75 between Atlanta and Chattanooga in north Georgia.

At the Texas Roundup station in the middle of the store, staffers in red shirts and cowboy hats were busy chopping brisket or assembling tacos and biscuits. While I was happy to stumble onto a Buc-ee’s, unfortunately my timing wasn’t ideal. Arriving a little before 10am, only breakfast items were available, as the sliced brisket, sausage, turkey, and pulled pork isn’t available until about 10:20. Undeterred, I soldiered ahead with both a brisket taco as well as a brisket egg taco.

Before I get to the tacos, I gotta say that Buc-ee’s lives up to the hype. The bathrooms were indeed spotless, and while a tad overwhelming, the store itself was a sight to behold. I didn’t linger too long but made sure to grab a couple bags of Beaver Nuggets in addition to the tacos. Next time I’ll definitely plan to spend more time in the store and will load up on more Beaver Nuggets as well as jerky and gummies.

I ate the tacos on the road and loved them. The brisket, while surely smoked offsite, tasted fairly fresh and was plenty smoky while the eggs were scrambled perfectly. Pulling it all together was a flour tortilla that was on the larger side and tasted perhaps housemade but may have been just a better quality tortilla than I’m used to. Would definitely get again.

Next time I have the pleasure of visiting a Buc-ee’s, I will try to time it better so I can try the rest of the items at the Texas Roundup station. A pro tip I’ve received is to arrive around 10:15am so you can have both breakfast and lunch available. I can’t wait to try that out and bring Mrs. Monk as well, who is dying to check one out. Buc-ee’s!

Atmosphere/Ambiance – 4 hogs
Tacos – 4 hogs
Overall – 4 hogs

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