How Pitmaster Kelly Nevarez Brought Mexican Spice to Texas Barbecue

Monk: Kelly Nevarez of LaVaca BBQ in Port LaVaca, TX brings the Hispanic influences of her family and culture to her barbecue not only in terms of spices used in the rubs but also twists on Texas barbecue such as smoked pork and brisket tamales wrapped in butcher paper. LaVaca is very much a family operation, with Kelly’s parents Christine and Lupe very much in the mix from making blue corn tortillas to smoking the fajita meat for the steak fajitas. It seems like they have something special going on at LaVaca BBQ.

Description: At LaVaca BBQ in Port LaVaca, Texas, the Nevarez family draws from their Hispanic culture and Texas upbringing to make Big Red pork ribs, smoked pulled pork and brisket tamales, beef cheek barbacoa, steak fajitas on blue corn tortillas, and more.

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