Midwood Smokehouse’s Matthew Berry on their Raleigh Expansion

Monk: Midwood Smokehouse’s Pitmaster/Executive Chef Matthew Berry stops by the NC F&B Podcast to discuss Matthew’s beginnings in barbecue, the origin of Midwood Smokehouse in Charlotte, their recent expansion into Raleigh, and whether the barbecue bubble is about to burst.

NC F&B has recently added video to their podcast offerings and are still working through the kinks. The video quality is pretty low res and their audio on this one had echoes when a guest Zoomed in for a promo. Despite all that, it’s good to see them expanding.

Description: This is our post-Bubbles & Brisket wrap-up show with Charlotte’s star pit-master, Chef Matthew Barry of Midwood Smokehouse. We discuss our experiences within the 3rd annual Bubbles & Brisket and go DEEP into the various styles of smoking meat, the regionality of barbecue, the culture and general know-how about what it takes to run the pit. Also: Has BBQ’s bubble burst? Is wine making a surge in NC? Is there a lost episode of this show floating in cyberspace??? All will be explained in the next 51 minutes.

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