Tales from the Pit Reflect Back on 6 Years

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Monk: Tales from the Pits reflects back on 6 years and nearly 200 episodes of podcasts. Taking a break from their usual interview format, this pod is more of a behind-the-scenes look at the sausage making of the show, from its inception in 2017 where the guys felt like they had to crank out episodes on a weekly basis and its evolution towards its current season format where episodes are more thoughtful. Along the way, they discuss the barbecue road trips, joints, and experiences that shaped them and the show.

Congrats to Andrew and Bryan!

Description: As we approach our 200th episode we take a look back at the memorable guests, episodes and experiences from the first six years of the podcast. Take a stroll down memory lane as we reflect on our time documenting the barbecue world. Thank you for all of the support for so many years and let’s all keep supporting barbecue!

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