Grill Armor Gloves Help Protect the Backyard Pitmaster

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Monk: Years ago when I did my whole hog party in my backyard, I ended up borrowing a pair of heat resistant gloves from my neighbor that came in super handy when Speedy and I had to unexpectedly move our burn barrel in the middle of the night (yes, you read that right). I returned the gloves the next day and didn’t think to ask the brand or even look into getting a pair for myself.

That was over 5 years ago but I recently came across a brand called Grill Armor Gloves and they look to fit the bill when it comes to a heat resistant glove. I’ve tested them out a few times over the past month and have found them to work nicely both grill-side as well as even indoors as oven mitts.

In terms of quality, the gloves are insulated with a couple of synthetic fabrics that are the same as Nomex and Kevlar and are lined with a 100% cotton lining. Each glove has a handy pull tab to help pull them on and while the pair of gloves I have says they would fit most, I found them a bit snug for even my medium-sized hands. A larger set of paws may have some issues with this particular pair.

Whether it’s grabbing the charcoal chimney full of lit coals or the Weber handle that always gets a little too hot for my liking, the gloves insulated my hand well. I even tested putting my hand directly on the kettle lid while it was on the grill with a temp of roughly 300 degrees, and felt nothing; these gloves are supposedly resistant up to 932 degrees. For more serious cooks they could come in handy moving hot grates or lit logs. I’ll definitely be putting this to the test later this year in the fall and winter months, whether its for another whole hog (??) or for the regular family firepits.

My only nit is that I do have to switch gloves when grabbing any meat off the grill since the Grill Armor Gloves are more of a synthetic mitten material and I wouldn’t want to get fibers into the meat. But this would be the case for any similar style of gloves.

Also, at $29.95 they are at the top of end this category so you might be tempted for similar but cheaper options. And while I didn’t experience this personally, a buddy said he felt a hot spot in one of the fingers when he borrowed to use.

Even with those small concerns, I’d recommend looking into these if you’re in the market for heat resistant gloves and see if they are the right option for you. They also come in a couple of options: a longer cuff as well as a ladies size.

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Description: Thick but flexible and lightweight gloves that can protect your hand from extreme heat up to 932℉. Insulated with top-quality M-ARAMID & P-ARAMID fabrics (same as Nomex and Kevlar) with 100% cotton lining for maximum comfort. Great for cooking, baking, grilling, camping, fireplace, and much more. Available in different colors and sizes.

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