12 Bones Smokehouse is More than Their Blueberry Chipotle Ribs

Monk: Famously, President Barack Obama ate at the original 12 Bones Smokehouse in the River Arts District of Asheville. That location is now gone, but they’ve opened a huge “South Asheville” location that houses the smokehouse as well as the brew system for the 3-year old 12 Bones Brewing. Speedy and I have visited the original River Arts location as well as the Arden location but I’d be curious to check out this combo brewhouse and barbecue location to see how their barbecue tastes like these days 10 years on after an ownership change as well as sample their beers.

Description: In the western mountains of NC, Asheville’s 12 Bones Smokehouse is known for its BBQ and brews. Over the past 16 years, this neighborhood pub has prided itself on being a diverse and welcoming establishment for all to enjoy. Notably, 12 Bones has had the honor of hosting President Obama on three separate occasions. Find out why locals and tourists alike keep coming back to savor 12 Bones.

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