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I covered this on the Facebook page briefly a few weeks back, but Smiley’s Lexington BBQ has officially announced its closing due to the NCDOT widening of Winston Road in Lexington. This widening was first announced in 2018 with a start date in summer 2020 but had likely been delayed due to the pandemic.

While owner Steve Yountz is not ready to retire just yet, per him “right now there is no definite plans on relocating as far as availably and affordability.” Patrons will have until February 26 to dine at the current location of Smiley’s before it closes its doors for good.

Nearby barbecue restaurant Speedy’s is also expected to close as a result of the road widening, however they are more optimistic about reopening in a new location and plan to rebuild and relocate, depending on the compensation they receive from DOT.

While the optimist in me hopes that both restaurants are able to relocate and continue business in due time, I worry that by next month we will be down two more classic NC barbecue joints.

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A helpful post from Grady’s

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Applications for the Preserve the Pit fellowship are due March 1st

Tim Carman of The Washington Post comes out with his annual barbecue list, with the wrinkle of releasing it in the winter time when some joints are closed

Carman also mourns the loss of pitmaster Corries Hardy

Rodney Scott and Eric Church getting into the honkey tonk game, and bringing whole hog to Broadway at Chief’s

Loro’s second location opens in Houston later this month

J.C. Reid on the evolution of the “Texas Trinity”

Roegels Barbecue opened their Katy location last week

Eater NY critic Robert Sietsema finds Myron Mixon’s Hoboken restaurant to be mixed in quality

Linkdown: 6/18/14

– A review of the Mighty Quinn’s in Clifton, NJ

– Hogs for the Cause out of New Orleans has added an event in Charleston dubbed Holy City Hogs

– Ed Mitchell’s barbecue made an impression on Zagat from the Big Apple BBQ a few weeks back (via)

Whole hog from pitmaster Ed Mitchell

North Carolina-based pitmaster Ed Mitchell recently opened Durham restaurant Que with his son Ryan. At this weekend’s event he prepared whole hog which was tossed in the classic North Carolina vinegar-based sauce, resulting in some of the most interesting and complex flavors we tasted. 

New location, new management for Hog Day, this year in Efland

– Three Salisbury men have created Little E Sauces and Marinades, a line of rubs, marinades, and sauces that has been picked up by Food Lion

– A Beer Pilgrim’s review of 12 Bones Smokehouse in Asheville

– Marie, Let’s Eat! visits Lovie’s BBQ in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, that, while isn’t a Lexington-style joint, has a thin vinegar sauce somewhat reminiscent of a Lexington dip

There is only one sauce available, and it’s as close to a Lexington-style thin vinegar-tomato mix as you’re likely to find in Atlanta. I don’t know that it went all that well with the chicken, but the pork just loved it.

The Great NC BBQ Map should be shipping out for customers to receive maps by the end of July, and the final tally of barbecue restaurants is kind of mind-blowing

How many restaurants ended up on the map? Guess. We don’t think you’ll believe the number….


Yes, you read that right. 434. And another 42 barbecue festivals and cook-offs! So get your bellies ready.

Linkdown: 1/22/14

– Mighty Quinn’s is a “Texalina” barbecue joint in NYC that is expanding to a northern New Jersey location

Winner of the Zagat award for best new restaurant in New York, the eatery has been lauded for its combination of Carolina and Texas-style barbecue. (The combo utilizes two of America’s four major “Q” styles with the others categorized as Memphis and Kansas City.)

The result is “Texalina” barbecue, the brainchild of the restaurant’s Pit Master, Hugh Mangum, who is known to Food Network fans as a winner of the popular Chopped television program.

– Speaking of Mighty Quinn’s, it was named one of Steves Raichlen’s 10 best barbecue and grill restaurants of 2013. Fun fact: it is run by a former drummer for The Wallflowers.

– Steven Raichlen also lays out his barbecue predictions for 2014

Great barbecue where you least expect it: Naturally, you’d expect to find great barbecue in Texas, Tennessee, Missouri, and the Carolinas, and you won’t be disappointed. But in Brooklyn, New York? Scottsdale, Arizona? Portland, Oregon? Yet all three figure on my list of the best new barbecue joints in 2013. In the coming year, expect to find even more great ’que in cities with no historic tradition of barbecue.

– Bourbon and Bones brings Lexington style barbecue (among other barbecue dishes) to Seattle

A native of North Carolina, [Michael] Law has honed his craft of Lexington style barbecue and synthesized it with flavors and techniques he’s picked up along the way traveling throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s.

Law said some of the dishes he knew would be on the menu from the very beginning were the roasted pork shoulder, brisket, and duck Andouille gumbo – something he picked up from John Besh. The barbecue is Lexington style, which Law said is smoked barbecue served with a vinegar style barbecue sauce with a vinegar-based slaw.

– In case you missed it, Queen City Q will be the official barbecue of the Charlotte Knights and “will have locations inside BB&T Ballpark for all games and events”

– The title says it all: “Lexington, North Carolina, ‘Barbecue Capital of the World’