OooWee BBQ (food truck) – Charlotte, NC


Name: OooWee BBQ (food truck)
Date: 10/19/13
Address: N/A
Order: Chopped BBQ pork with slaw and mac and cheese (link to menu)
Price: ~$8

OooWee BBQ is a relatively new food truck around town that has been popping up at Food Truck Friday and NoDa Brewing, among other locations. On this night, they were one of a few trucks at the first Brewz Arts & Music Festival, a new music festival at the NC Music Factory featuring of Montreal, Kool AD, The Whigs, and The Love Language, among many other local Charlotte bands and DJ’s.

Picking the truck was a no-brainer but unfortunately, on this night the chopped pork was completely dry as if it had been sitting under a heating lamp most of the day (speculating here, but it was about 7pm at night). Sauce helped make it a little more palatable, but even still it was still pretty dry. My mac and cheese was also fairly dry and the mayo-based slaw wasn’t much to write home about either.

Everyone has an off day so perhaps that was the case here. I would be interested in checking OooWee BBQ out again on a different day in a different circumstance. I might even be tempted to try the called the curiously named “barbecue sundae” just to see what it’s all about. In any case, you may spot OooWee’s bright yellow food truck around town at various food truck rallies or events but like the color yellow implies, I would suggest proceeding with caution.


Atmosphere/Ambiance – N/A
Pork – 1 Hogs
Sides – 2 Hogs
Overall – 1.5 Hogs



One thought on “OooWee BBQ (food truck) – Charlotte, NC

  1. Have eaten from OooWee BBQ truck at Food Truck Friday in Matthews. I had the chopped BBQ pork and was pleasantly surprised as it was really late when we arrived and most trucks were sold out already. BBQ was still pretty moist although wasn’t overly impressed with the sauces. As for the sundae a friend had one and really liked it and I plan to try it the next I see them. I think you should give em another shot.

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