Linkdown: 11/18/15

– Congrats to Sam Jones on the opening of his new barbecue joint in Greenville, NC last week and continuing the tradition of wood-cooked barbecue

A decade back, those of us who make a living writing about and documenting barbecue were worried. Honest, wood-cooked barbecue was imperiled, we said. Pitmasters who dedicated their lives to firing pits and flipping hogs were atavistic, we worried, wheezing their way toward foregone retirement.

I’m pleased to report that we seers of ‘cue were wrong. We lacked vision. We lacked heart. Evidence of our errors of belief is seemingly everywhere. Traditional barbecue is now in renaissance.

More on Sam Jones and his role as fire chief in Ayden from the Southern Foodways Alliance and Chicago Tribune writer Kevin Pang

– Food Republic has a guide on where to eat in Columbia, SC that includes a couple of barbecue joints including Hite’s BBQ, True BBQ, and Big Boy’s Original Smokehouse

– Pork ribs in Mississippi changed Adam Perry Lang’s life

– Charlotte Agenda thinks Midwood Smokehouse has one of the best non-traditional tacos in the city

– On so-called “nouveau ‘cue” and the supersizing of barbecue

– Thanksgiving is coming, so here’s a homemade mac and cheese recipe from Midwood Smokehouse

2 thoughts on “Linkdown: 11/18/15

  1. I ordered the ribs, slaw, fries and an iced tea at Sam Jones in Winterville, NC. Two of the ribs were meaty and tender, but the rest were scarce on meat and over-cooked to the point of being dried out and tough to eat. The slaw was OK, but too sweet for my taste and served in a little cardboard box. The fries looked as though they were left in the pan too long and went limp and wrinkled up. That platter was $14.00. My wife ordered the chicken with slaw and macaroni and cheese for $10.00. She got a small thigh with leg attached. The mac and cheese was very small. The food was not good and too expensive. I won’t be eating there again.

    • Thanks for the input. That’s disappointing to hear, but sometimes it takes a few weeks to work out the kinks at a new joint. Even for a pro like Sam Jones. I still hope to try it some time in the future.

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