Friday Find: Life in Memphis at the Memphis in May Barbecue Festival

In doing some research on my first Memphis in May Barbecue Contest, I came across this well done video from vlogger Seonkyoung Longest that gives a great idea of what I can expect at the festival.

We went all the way to Memphis TN for the world championship BBQ Cooking Contest!! Watch how our team Squeal Street did for their first big time competing with other BBQ-ers! Special thanks to Gary who invited us to this amazing BBQ festival, and all the members of Squeal Street BBQ for having us!!! Robert ‘Bones’ Maloney, Carol Lott, Mike Talley, Bob Vichie, Shane ‘Bad Shane’ Paris, Leigh Richardson, Chad Elder, Brad Pee, Arron Krunszyinsky, Allen Welch, Bryan Duffel, Sophie Duffel, Joe Carey, Carl Haberly, Robbie Britt, Shane ‘Good Shane’ Morrell, John Webber, Steve Glidewell, Michael Patrick, David Scott Walker, Terry Jenkins, Colin Bergstorm, Whitney Bergstorm, Adam Keeler, Felicia Moore, Boo & Gary Gardo!!

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