See you in 2022!

Monk: The Barbecue Bros are going to take the rest of 2021 off to come back strong in 2022. As we close the book on the rollercoaster that was 2021, let’s first look back at the past year.

We posted 21 new reviews across 6 states, most of them predictably in the southeast. Maybe 2022 will allow for more barbecue travels, and I’m in particular looking forward to finally spending some time in eastern NC in spring 2022.

The breakdown of reviews by state were as follows:

  • 12 North Carolina
  • 3 South Carolina
  • 2 Georgia
  • 2 Tennessee
  • 1 Florida
  • 1 Missouri

In addition to our usual cadence of restaurant reviews, linkdowns, and Friday Finds, I tried to branch out when to came to original content.

Notably, over the summer I took a break from collecting news for the weekly linkdowns to instead do weekly recaps of “BBQ Brawl” Season 2 from June until August, complete with screencaps. After that experience, I gotta say I don’t envy those that have to recap TV for a living but it was a fun diversion from the usual. I might even consider doing again if there’s a season 3.

Additionally, we had some great original content:

I hope to continue scratching some different itches next year, and I welcome any requests or suggestions in the comments.

See you in 2022!

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