Friday Find: Peter Zukiwski of Pitt County BBQ stops by the NC F&B Podcast

Monk: Peter Zukiwski is a North Carolina-obsessed pitmaster from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada who has made several pilgrimages to the state for barbecue. During his last pilgrimage in late 2021 to talk with the NC F&B guys about his Pitt County BBQ catering business (named after the NC county where Greenville and Ayden are), his love for barbecue, as well his culinary experiences in the state.

Description: Peter Zukiwski of Pitt County BBQ has been studying NC BBQ for years to understand the beauty and technique of what makes the Old North State so special. Peter traveled to NC to visit all of the best producers in the state and dropped by the studios to talk about it. Listen to a one on one interview with Max and Peter as they talk about the various styles of what makes NC unique in the scope of BBQ across the land. 

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