Friday Find: Eater visits Pecan Lodge

I’ve still yet to go to Pecan Lodge (Rudy liked it a lot) but when I do go I plan to bring some friends and get The Trough.

Ask a Texan what their favorite smokehouse is and the answers will span the state. Ask someone from Dallas, and chances are you’ll hear the name Pecan Lodge thrown around. With the help and desire of their following, Pecan Lodge owners Justin and Diane Fourton turned their brisket out of a truck business into a brick and mortar restaurant that’s hard to miss thanks to a constant line out the door.

2 thoughts on “Friday Find: Eater visits Pecan Lodge

  1. It is so hard to compare barbecue joints – everyone has their favorite. I often judge them by their sides – and Pecan Lodge had the best greens I’ve ever had (very sweet – that’s how I like ’em).

    Thanks for sharing.

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